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Solar Energy Car Air Purifier Negative Ion Filter Fresh Colorful Atmosphere Lamp Diffuser Ambientador

Solar Energy Car Air Purifier Negative Ion Filter Fresh Colorful Atmosphere Lamp Diffuser Ambientador

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The purification magic ball uses K9 diamond-cut crystals, crystal clear, and refreshing perfume to make you feel happy and increase the romantic atmosphere. Colorful LEDs create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The purified air makes your body healthier and your mood more pleasant. Best user experience.
Working mode: After inserting directly into the USB interface, the purifying magic ball will continuously provide you with purified air containing negative oxygen ions.
Multiple fragrance methods: you can add your favorite perfume to the crystal, or you can put in volatile products such as air freshener or toilet water, and the fragrance will overflow when blown by the fan to get unexpected results.
How to use: Put the non-slip mat on the instrument table, then put the purifier on the non-slip mat, and it can work when connected to the power supply.
Note: Negative oxygen ions are a long-term use process. The longer the use time, the more obvious the effect. Please do not tilt the product more than 30 degrees during installation to avoid perfume overflow.
Maintenance and maintenance: After use for a period of time, dust will accumulate on the emission fibers of the negative oxygen ion module, which will affect the generation of negative ions. The dust on the emission fibers can be gently brushed through the mesh with a brush.

Product Category: Air Purifier
Function: In addition to formaldehyde
Power supply mode: USB
Use environment: car
Control method: touch
Applicable area: 11㎡ (inclusive)-20㎡ (inclusive)
Filter type: composite filter
Working principle: negative ion
Air purifier air volume: 50 cubic meters/hour
Noise: less than 40 (dB)
Power supply: solar

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